Muffin English differentiates its content by focusing on authentic, real-life words and conversation expressions.  Muffin English incorporates the “diverse audio response approach.”  It is not limited to single-answer, one-dimensional sound pen contents!

Contents incorporate complex communication skill enhancements for person-to-person conversations, sound effects, and quiz functions.

More than Meets the Eye

Muffin English aims for a daily and natural English experience just like <muffins> eaten every day in the United States.

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Muffin english is the best learning tool for children who start learning English. It is made by the quilified YBM English programmers in Korea with the best books from the highlisht & red chair publishers in U.S.A.


Based on professional and specialized advanced logistics service, we deliver to customers safely and quickly with strong safety packaging.

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We always offer the best customer service and listen to their voices. We try to give our customers the best experience everyday.

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Red Muffin


When your child starts learning English, you can start with Red Muffin. 

purple MUFFIN


When your child shows interest in books, it’s time to start with Purple Muffin. 

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Red Muffin & Purple Muffin

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